Alternatives to Buying Instagram Likes

Instagram likes can be hard to come by. If people do not think your picture is good, they will not care if you spent hours on it or if you really like it or not; if they do not like it, they will not ‘like’ it. Many people use this as their excuse to buy Instagram likes. This means they can use a couple of dollars to buy hundreds upon hundreds of likes for their pictures. The theory is that this will make you look like a popular user and more people will see your pictures which logically should make more people like your work in turn and follow you too.

However this might not be the best idea for you. Buying Instagram likes may seem cheap at first as it only costs a few dollars to get a substantial amount of likes but it can be an addictive experience and once you’re in you might find yourself buying more and more than you actually really need. People might also notice that your following is fake as providers often use spam accounts to provide people with these likes and anyone who checks who liked your posts would quickly figure out the truth. There is also the issue with your likes being fake when it comes to your self esteem. Looking at likes you personally generated is a lot more fulfilling than looking at likes that you bought on the internet. So what alternatives are there to Buy Instagram Likes?


One way is to convince your friends and family to like your posts. If they have a smartphone that can support the Instagram app it would be worth your while asking them to make an account. It only takes a few seconds to like a post so they would not be going out of their way. Also, most of your friends and family should support what you enjoy doing and will likely be glad to provide you with a helping hand when it comes to liking your posts. Also, you might even get your friends and family interested in Instagram and they might follow you. If they get a following too, then they are essentially advertising your work by continuing to like your posts. Everyone wins!

The other way is to just keep posting. Take photographs of everything and add every single filter. Take selfies and then take a picture of a coffee mug or your dog. Try every photo angle under the sun and every single filter you can find. Take all the pictures you can and post whenever you can. Practice makes perfect after all. The more you post the higher your chance of increasing the number of likes you get increases too. You never know; something you thought was a useless picture could be a goldmine for you in terms of likes!

So if you wanted to get but not buy Instagram likes, then try out some of these tips because for these you don’t have to spend a dime.